Aious Game


Aious adalah game Action Hack & Slash Third Person dimana game ini berlatar belakang pada seorang tokoh yang bernama Rainard Amor. Tempat asal yang ditinggali tokoh utama adalah sebuah kerajaan yang telah diserang oleh Mage. Mage memporak-porandakan kerajaan tersebut dan membunuh semua orang disana lalu pergi dengan meninggalkan duka yang banyak. Rainard Amor merupakan yatim piatu yang dirawat oleh Oldman. Dia diajari oleh Oldman tersebut tentang ilmu bela diri dan seni berpedang. Belasan tahun berlalu sejak kejadian itu, Mage kembali menyerang dan membunuh banyak orang termasuk Oldman yang merawat Rainard. Akhirnya Rainard harus datang kesana untuk menghentikan Mage dan mencari Aious yang selalu dibicarakan oleh Oldman yang merawatnya dan untuk mengembalikan keseimbangan dunia.

– Kas Raygaputra Ilaga
– Arma Riantono
– Rizky Putra Pradana
Soundtrack trailer :
If You Fall I Will Carry You by Efisio Cross

Softleaf Radiance Sight:Dawn

Radiance Sight Dawn is a action adventure game based on story telling. The earth in 2050. The lack of natural resources making the earth in dramatic condition. Some people needs to gain some mineral energy for live. Environmental pollution increased rapidly. There is a drone from jupiter expedition found new material called ryton. Rayton has a 100 times of nuclear power and more safety than nuclear material. In this case, you are a player called Fajar. Fajar is a space soldier and has so many challenge when protecting the earh from destroyer.

Tim SoftLeaf Game
– Alvin Satria Nugraha (Informatics Engineering)
– Thoriq Arsyadani (Informatics Engineering)
– Ilham Teguh Indrianto (Design Communication Visual)

Benthix VR


The lack of documentation which contains knowledge about traditional games make the game less desirable among today’s teenagers. One of the Indonesian traditional games that have been popular in the past is Benthik. Benthix VR is an application that applies virtual reality technology (VR) to provide knowledge and to improve interest in the benthik game. Benthix VR uses the Virtual Reality Interface Design (VRID) development model. The development phase of the VRID model starts from the High-Level and Low-Level design phase. The High-Level design phase consists of identifying data elements, identifying multiple objects, and modeling component objects. The output from the high-level design phase will be input to the low-level design phase. The low-level design phase is a phase of repetition and fine-tunes from the modeling of several component objects thoroughly. Testing of Benthix VR has been conducted on 34 respondents with five assessment aspects: enjoyness, realism, interactivity, usability, and impact. The average rating result of the questionnaire assessment of all aspects is 3.18824. These results indicate that users feel comfortable, realistic, interactive, fascinated, and interested to play benthik in the real world after playing Benthix VR.

Abas Setiawan
Alvin Satria Nugraha
Hanny Haryanto
Indra Gamayanto


Natural Childbirth is a physiological process experienced by women. The goal of managing the delivery process is to encourage safe births for mothers and infants so that it takes the role of midwife to anticipate and deal with possible complications in mothers and infants, since maternal and infant deaths often occur especially during labor. Therefore, it is proposed to make VR-NACT (Virtual Reality for Natural Childbirth Training) as a medium for midwife training that plays a major role during labor. Virtual Reality (VR) makes the real world entirely into the digital space. The workings of the VR-NACT prototype are aided by HTC-Vive and a leap motion controller sensor to capture the movements of the prospective midwife’s hand, and then convert it directly into virtual space as a virtual hand. With this sensor, the accuracy of hand movements of prospective midwives can increase. So that the normal process of birth that exists in this virtual world can match the original birth process. Virtual Reality (VR) is used in training scenarios by simulating dangerous or risky situations in a controlled environment. The simulation used is an accurate and realistic simulation as an excellent visual approach to learning. The outcome of this student creativity program is the creation of a VR-NACT prototype made for prospective midwives to simulate the normal Childbirth process using Virtual Reality technology.

Aulia Nailal Faza (A11.2016.09415)
Alvin Satria Nugraha (A11.2016.09431)
Wulan Indayani (D11.2016.02242)

Supervisor :
Hanny Haryanto, S.Kom, M.T
Abas Setiawan, S.Kom, M.Cs

Intelligence System Research Lab
Universitas Dian Nuswantoro
This project supported by PKM-KC Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia

sound credits :
Gems of the sea loop (…)


Wayang of Pandawa adalah game dengan tema kebudayaan yang mengisahkan karakter wayang pandawa. Game ini juga memiliki tujuan memperkenalkan kesenian wayang kulit dengan konsep permainan action strategy yang menarik. Wayang of Pandawa memiliki gameplay yang sangat unik dan menantang. Player harus dapat mengkoleksi potongan item dan menghindari obstacle yang menegangkan untuk menyelesaikan setiap level permainan.

Fitur :

1. Permainan yang unik dan interaktif

2. Single player mode

3. Collected item

4. Informasi wayang Pandawa

5. Immersive story

6. Kontrol aksi yang emosional

Pengembang :

1. Galang Rambu Anarqi

2. Muhamad Wahyu Kuncoro

IntSys Universitas Dian Nuswantoro